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Membership Means… Connecting with Arts Lovers

October was officially proclaimed Discover Jersey Arts Month by Governor Christie and we’re celebrating!  How can you join in on the fun?  Become a Jersey Arts Member!  Read what other Jersey Arts Members have to say about what membership means to them:

Being a Jersey Arts Member means making new friends and building your
network! While my day job is not in the arts, I try to stay as actively engaged
as possible in the local, state, national, and global arts scene, and I love
supporting the arts in my home state! Through Jersey Arts Membership this is
further possible. I recently kicked off two arts event series at Artworks in
Trenton, and through the Jersey Arts Member Party at Grounds for Sculpture I made new friends who support the arts in Madison and Newark, NJ. I am hoping these new friends will support the new art series in Trenton, and I plan to go and
support their awesome work in Madison and Newark. In fact, I am working now on gathering a group together to go check out the Newark Open House event of their local art galleries! Care to join me?

-Marisa Benson, Premium Jersey Arts Member