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NJ Arts Day 2012: If the arts aren’t at the table… you didn’t take a seat!

Tomorrow is the big day!  Come to The War Memorial in Trenton on Thursday, May 10 for New Jersey’s third annual Arts Day!

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay informed, network, and learn how to make your voice heard.  The schedule for the day includes:


Arts Education Update

THANK YOU for the over 700 messages you sent to the State Board of Education on the continued inclusion of arts education in the NJQSAC District Performance Reviews!  Testimonials were provided at Wednesday’s meeting and further discussion has been postponed until September.  We will continue to keep you posted on this matter, but please keep emailing–there is still time to make a difference:

ArtPride Action Center



For more information on arts education in New Jersey, visit the New Jersey Arts Education Partnership website.

State Senate Recognizes The Growing Stage Children’s Theatre of New Jersey

We love to hear how New Jersey’s arts organizations keep policymakers engaged in their work and the arts in general in the great Garden State!  Congratulations to The Growing Stage Children’s Theatre of New Jersey who was recently notified that State Senate Bill SJR-68 sponsored by Senators Oroho and Bucco to “Designate The Growing Stage Children’s Theatre of New Jersey as New Jersey State Children’s Theatre” will be presented to the Members of the Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation Committee.  (A similar bill, AJR63 sponsored by Assemblyman Gary Chiusano, is before the Assembly.)  The State Senate bill will be presented today (Thursday, June 2) at 2:00 PM, so if you would like to send a message of support to Senator Whelan by clicking HERE, now is the time!   

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You’re Invited to Arts Day!

Tell Trenton that you support the arts and arts education in New Jersey by attending Arts Day 2011.  Learn about the state of the arts in New Jersey through our legislative briefing, network with leaders in the field, share your organization’s stories, and find out how you can become more involved in advocating for the arts in New Jersey.  Admission to Arts Day activities is FREE, but space is limited, so please RSVP HERE.  Registration will be from 1:30-2:00 PM at 225 W. State Street and festivities begin at 2:00 PM.

Join us for:
•    (2:00) Legislative Update on Federal & State Arts Funding
•    (2:30) Art Pride NJ Annual Meeting
•    (3:00) Keynote Speaker: Ben Cameron, Program Director for the Arts, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
•    (3:45) “Meet the Speaker” Reception at NJ Restaurant Association, 126 W. State St., directly across from the State House ($25 fee – light refreshments)
•    (3-4:15) Student Performances/Tours of State House & NJ State Museum
•    (4:30) Governor’s Awards in Arts Education

May 5, 2011 – 2 PM
225 W. State Street & New Jersey State Museum Capitol Complex (Trenton, NJ)

2 Clicks = 2 Quarters for Americans for the Arts

Americans for the Arts has been selected as Hyundai’s designated nonprofit for a new Facebook Cause linked to their recent “Cure Compact Crampomitosis” advertising campaign.  This means that through the end of March, Americans for the Arts will receive $.50 to help advocate for the arts & arts education for every person that joins the Cause, and if they reach 50,000 members, Americans for the Arts will receive the maximum $25,000 that Hyundai is offering.  Hyundai is also matching any donations to A.F.T.A. made through the page, so be sure to visit and support those who support the arts!

Arts Education in 2020?

On Thursday morning, June 24, 2010, I arrived at the Americans for the Arts Arts Education pre-conference.  It was my first time at AFTA, so I arrived early and with a little apprehension. I met another attendee; we were the first to arrive.  As we waited together we discussed why we came and what we hoped to get from the experience.  By the time the pre-conference started, I had really made a new friend!

We received homework ahead of time.  We were going to work on the seven identified trends in arts education.  Jeanne Schulze of Jeanne Schulze & Associates and members of the AFTA Arts Education Council facilitated our World Cafe discussions.  Jeanne asked us, “What can a student/constituency-centered arts education be in 2020?”  I thought, “How could we accomplish that in two half-days?  Where do we want to be?”

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How YOU Can Advocate for Arts Education

“There are [schools] in this state that as of next year will no longer have a music department. That’s what they cut.”

Assemblyman Fred Scalera of Essex County expressed his dismay at last week’s Essex Legislators Breakfast along with fellow legislators who came out to show their support for arts education. Due to budget constraints, arts education is once again on the chopping block in many districts, and Assemblyman Scalera isn’t the only one worried about the impact cutting programs will have. Five current and former students from arts education programs throughout the county spoke about the impact the programs had on their lives. Continue reading