How do the arts impact your community? Show us!

It’s show night at your local theater.
The symphony is in town.  Your favorite museum is opening a new exhibition.  When the stage is set, the artwork is hung and the performers are waiting in the wings, audiences aren’t the only ones excited to have the arts in their community.  From schoolchildren and arts workers to restaurants and parking garages, everyone benefits from the arts. 

We want to hear how the arts benefit YOUR community, but don’t just tell us, show us!  Email a sentence or two about the impact the arts have in your community and send us an image so we really get the picture.  October is National Arts & Humanities Month, so don’t miss this opportunity to brag a little (you have our permission.)  And who knows?  Your picture might even be featured in ArtPride’s next campaign!

Email submissions throughout September and October to: 
All submissions may be used by ArtPride New Jersey in future materials for campaigns and advocacy efforts.  Photographer assumes responsibility of obtaining permission from any persons included in submitted photographs.

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