Commemoration, Expression and Education through the Arts

With the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks approaching this Sunday, our minds have turned to thoughts of that day and the hard recovery that followed.  We remember where we were, who we called, the fear, the heartbreak, but also the pride we felt in our brave first responders, volunteers and a nation united in helping those directly affected by the tragedy.
At the ArtPride office we’ve been reflecting upon the role the arts played (and continue to play) in healing, teaching and commemorating this event.  At the end of 2001 we received a special grant from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation to develop a place for people to creatively express the complex feelings we’ve all experienced following the attacks.  The Connections Gallery on our website holds images of works by artists, schoolchildren and arts organizations and is always open for submissions.  We will be highlighting some of these works throughout the week on our Facebook page, but please take a moment to browse through the online gallery itself.  (You will notice we have expanded it to include all artwork, though the majority of pieces remain reactions to the September 11th attacks.)
Please feel free to comment, submit your artwork and share your story with us.  Join us in commemorating, expressing and educating through the arts.

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