Meet the Artists!

Meet the artists behind the upcoming ArtPride Facebook Friends Gallery exhibit at the Lyceum Hall Center for the Arts:

Aylin Green
Raised in the suburbs of Boston as the first daughter of a Turkish mother and a Jewish father, Aylin has often found herself on the outside, looking in. Her mixed media paintings take an approach toward her subjects like that of a cultural observer or artistic ethnographer. Her recent work explores how time effects our views of both costume and temperament in the individual and their relationships. With a BFA from Mason Gross at Rutgers University and a MA of Ed from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, Aylin continues her artmaking practice while simultaneously working full-time as a museum professional, caring for her two young boys, teaching art workshops, and tending a small hand-made accessories business.

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle by Aylin Green

Sumukha  Ravishankar
As an artist I have dealt with many mediums, but mosaics are by far my most favorite. Like most children, I too had a treasure chest filled with interesting and shiny objects with unique colors and textures. I have channeled this fascination into creating mosaic art. My favorite mosaic materials are stained glass, stone and smalti bringing me closer in spirit to all those mosaic artists of yore who created the brilliant mosaics from Italy to Morocco, and a million other mosaic manna. I live in New Jersey with my husband and two kids.

Phoenix/Peacock by Sumukha Ravishankar

Molly Sanger Carpenter
Being an artist, to me, means having the need to create. When I work, I am absorbed by the process and my vision of what I am making. However, when I am away from working on a sculpture I am constantly collecting bits of visual and technical information. Art is not just a product, but the result of the life experience of the artist.  The greatest reward, for me, is when I see the effect my work has on someone else. As an artist I feel it is my responsibility to make sculpture that has a positive transforming effect on the viewer. Art can make the world a better place, balancing images of destruction with images of goodness and beauty, providing comfort.

Rabbits by Molly Sanger Carpenter

“Friend” them in person this Thursday, August 18, at our opening reception from 7-9pm.  Click HERE for details.

2 responses to “Meet the Artists!

  1. barb harrington

    is your peacock for sale Sumukha?

    • Hi Barb,

      That piece is not for sale through this show, but if you would like to contact Sumukha for further information about the possible sale of the Phoenix/Peacock piece or any of her other works, you can reach her through her website: We will have many other pieces for sale through this exhibit though, so please stop by!

      Madeline Orton
      Assistant to the Director, ArtPride NJ

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