Public Service IS an Art Form

If you haven’t read this, you MUST!  Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation President Chris Daggett delivered the commencement speech last week to the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University.

Considering the toxic tone of political discourse that is evident most everywhere lately, Chris talks about how the call to public service is a high calling, worthy of the best and brightest of our students and citizens.

He is spot on.  And one part sounds like it was written for NJ arts advocates.  Read this slowly. 

Your voices matter. You can reframe how the “public commons” functions. You can build community and consensus. You can take advantage of the new forms of social networking – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more, to collaborate and to change our political climate. You can awaken those who are sleeping. You can serve a larger purpose than partisan or personal victories. You can recognize and embrace diversity. You can improve our democracy.

Yes YOU can.  Now get to it!  And if you’re scratching your head about “how to” go here for some inspiration!

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