Worth a Few Minutes…reading this week

I don’t know about you, but lately I have had little time or patience for reading. Yet I spend all day reading in front of my computer screen. What’s that all about? The need for time, less distractions and focus. All of which are lacking in my life right now.

However, that being said, a few things have crossed my desk this week that are worth noting. Deb Cooperman of the NJ Theatre Alliance shared this Seth Godin blog post from back in March on “driveby culture and the endless search for wow.” He hit that one out of the ballpark.
Today’s Huffington Post bit by Michael Kaiser talks about the burn out of arts managers and the potential results. Lots of conclusions from this. Anne Katz of Arts Wisconsin posts her response on ArtPride’s FB page, and her reasoned response is worthy of a peek, too!
So there you go! Not novels, but worth the time in between budget projections, grant proposals, business plans, and committee agendas!

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