Revisiting Connections on 9/11

Today is a brief break from “Feeling the Pinch,” to feeling even more as we commemorate the anniversary of terrorist attacks in NY and DC. At left is “Monument for Living” by Richard Nebiolo of Lambertville, NJ, one of the many memorable images in ArtPride NJ’s Connections online art gallery. Of his work, Richard says:

I have “rebuilt” the World Trade Center in exact detail but downsized to make it available to the public as a memorial. I have given much thought to the particular details of each part and of each section–so as to reverently commemorate those who fell victim in our nation’s “Second Day of Infamy” and to also create the artistic ambience so necessary to enhance the reflective mood desired for each visitor to this hallowed site.

Connections was launched with funding from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation that realized the arts help people resolve the many complex emotions felt daily–in and out of crisis. The ArtPride NJ Foundation found Connections to be a great way to help people share creative expressions following Sept. 11. It has evolved way past images related to that day to include the work of students and arts groups. Artists, both professional and emerging, visual and written word, are welcome to post their work and to continue a way to share through the arts.

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