Feeling the Pinch?: Part 4

As arts organizations, we do our best to provide patrons with the best possible experience. It is understandable for an organization to want to be viewed in the best possible light, so when funding is cut many sweep the evidence under the rug to save face. But is this the best idea?

Share with us how YOU are feeling the pinch to help people understand how less arts funding affects you! Here is the fourth installment of our Feeling the Pinch? series:

We try very hard not to let our guests and our artists feel the effects of funding cuts, however, this may be the first time. We have had to let our education director and gallery coordinator go. This was a part-time position. We also have let go our carpenter go, which was a full-time position with benefits. What this means to our patrons and guests is the gallery will be closed unless we can find a qualified person to volunteer to do this task. We have always featured 6 artists every year and will no longer be able to do this. We also will no longer be able to expose our over 50,000 admissions a year to these works of Art. Study guides for our student matinees and children’s’ shows will no longer be produced. This will leave teachers and parents on their own to help their young people see the values in the stories and the art behind them. Our sets will be designed simpler to help make up for the lack of personnel to build. Although we will try and replace these tasks with volunteers, we must simplify to maintain quality. Our Newsletter is in danger of being discontinued. This is a great advocacy piece for us and although it is currently being produced fewer times than it was, it is still being printed and viewed on our web site. With no stimulus money coming our way, we worry other positions may have to be cut. We had a good summer season so we are crossing our fingers and the few of us that are left are working harder and longer hours to seek new streams of revenue and market our products. Through all of this, our patrons have continued to support us by attendance and financial support. If I can be of any further assistance please don’t hesitate to call upon my service.

Bruce A. Curless
Producing Artistic Director
The Ritz Theatre Company

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