Remembering September 11

It’s hard to believe that tragedy occurred 7 years ago today. I can still remember the bright and clear blue skies that morning and returning to my home office after seeing my son off to one of his first days as a first grader. My husband called me from work to tell me to get to the tv immediately. The scene was so incredible it was difficult to comprehend even though you watched it happen before your very eyes.
Recognizing that New Jersey non profits had a role to play in helping people recover from the aftermath, the Dodge Foundation sought proposals from within the arts community for projects that helped heal as well as deal with the emotional aftershocks. ArtPride proposed a new online art gallery that would focus on creative expressions resulting from the attacks. Called Connections, it was a new way to introduce art into ArtPride’s web site that offered other ways to network and share information. ArtPride was fortunate to receive a grant from the Dodge Foundation to help launch the Connections gallery.
Some of the early art exhibited in Connections was clearly a result of the complex emotions felt during that historic time in American history. Some of the work was visceral, others patriotic in theme. Over the years Connections has moved past Sept. 11 as our country has moved past that day in time. The work, however, remains diverse and a wonderful portal into ArtPride as well as yet one more example of how the arts bring us all together–to remember, to honor, to memorialize, to express.

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