NJ in DC on April 1

Many many thanks to the New Jersey arts activists who joined over 500 others on Capitol Hill to advocate for increased federal funding for the arts on April 1. So many of us benefit from NEA funding and do not even realize it!

Thanks go to David Gray of the New Brunswick Cultural Center, John Devol of Arts Horizons, Shayne Miller of Paper Mill Playhouse, Kristen Gongora of Shakespeare Theatre of NJ, Rodney Gilbert of Yendor Productions, Diana Scotland of Montclair who volunteers for Kenkeleba Gallery in NY, Jana LaSorte and Ondine Landa Abramson of South Jersey Performing Arts Center, and Julianne Zervopoulos of Westminster Choir College/Rider University.

Kerry Washington spoke eloquently at the Congressional Arts Breakfast. This youtube video doesn’t even capture her best moments when she talks about how it is a privilege to live in a country where you can be part of the democratic process by telling your elected officials about what is important to you.

Join us next year!!! I’ll share some other photos from out visits and a group shot in a later post!

One response to “NJ in DC on April 1

  1. please keep us informed on what happens here! Is it still possible for an artist to get an NEA grant?

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